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(Solved): 1) A Mutation Of The Hydrogen/potassium ATPase Decreases Pumping Of Ions In The Collecting Duct Of T ...

1) A mutation of the hydrogen/potassium ATPase decreases pumping of ions in the collecting duct of the nephron. How will this mutation affect potassium excretion and pH regulation?

2) Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is determined with the following equation, using inulin (which is passed in the urine without reabsorption or secretion). Plasma concentration is controlled by the amount of inulin injected, and urine inulin concentration can be measured.

GFR = [Inulin]urine * Urine Flow / [Inulin]plasma

How will a diuretic drug (i.e., a drug that blocks reabsorption of ions and water in the medulla) affect glomerular filtration rate? The normal situation is as follows:

Inulin concentration in plasma = 50 µM

Inulin concentration in urine = 1000 µM.

Will the inulin concentration in the excreted urine go up or down after the diuretic drug has been administered?

What will happen to urine output?

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