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(Solved): 1) Answer TRUE Or FALSE To The Following Question. Then Give At Least A Few Sentences To Justify You ...

1) Answer TRUE or FALSE to the following question. Then give at least a few sentences to justify your conclusion. You may not use your calculator on this problem. Simpson's Rule can be used with 41 subintervals to estimate the integral of a continuous function f(x) on the interval [a, b].

2) Recall M_n denotes the midpoint approximation with n rectangles. Similarly, T_n denotes the trapezoidal approximation with n trapezoids. To determine the amount of material needed to build a component of a bridge you need to numerically integrate


An engineer has already found M_{30}=0.573, M_{15}=0.552, T_{30}=0.569, and, T_{15}=0.548 . Using the necessary data from the engineer, find S_{30} .

1 f()d.

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