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(Solved): 6 Compression Springs Connected In Parallel In Car Clutch To Transmit Axial Force Of 1500N. Springs ...

6 compression springs connected in parallel in car clutch to transmit axial force of 1500N. Springs are compressed 10 mm to achieve the desired force. The quarter number is D/d=6.

Springs are made of cold-drawn steel wire with sigma (b) = 1200MPa. Allowable shear stress is sigma (allowable) = 0.5sigma)b)(G=81370MPa).

The springs have “squared ground ends”. There should be a 1mm distance between the turns when the force is maximum.


-thread diameter d

-spring center diameter D

-number of active turns N

-number of turns N

-free length L0

-collapsed solid length Ls

-spring stiffness (the one needed from the input, the one following the calculated spring parameters)

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