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(Solved): Carlita Will Visit 14 Cities In 14 Days. She Will Have A Book Signing And Cooking Demonstration In E ...

Carlita will visit 14 cities in 14 days. She will have a book signing and cooking demonstration in each city, then travel overnight to the next city. The distance between each city averages 240 miles.

The publisher will rent a solar powered RV camper, with a weekly rental fee plus a per-mile charge. The rental company hasn’t prepared the final estimate, but showed the publisher two recent invoices for one-week rentals. One was $1,188.15 for a 540 mile trip. The other was $1,310.55 for an 880 mile trip. Carlita will pick up the camper in the first city on the tour and leave it in the last.

The other tour costs are a) cooking demonstration production: $3,450 each and b) book signing materials: $1,475 total.

How much should the publisher budget for total tour expenses?

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