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(Solved): Consider: Two Unopened Bags Of Candy (one Skittles, The Other M&M's). The Manufacturers State The Di ...

Consider: two unopened bags of candy (one Skittles, the other M&M's). The manufacturers state the distribution of coloured candies is:

M&M's: 23% blue, 21% orange, 17% green, 13% yellow, 12% red, 14% brown

Skittles: colours are reportedly distributed evenly, meaning each colour (red, orange, green, blue, yellow, and purple) has a probability of 1/6.

Assume that both of these unopened bags have the same number of candies. If they are opened and mixed, and one candy is randomly selected, what is the probability it is a Skittle? [Hint: only focus on the colour you need].

What is P(Skittle|orange)?

Please show work.

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