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(Solved): Exercise 1: A) LocomotionHave The Four Organisms (frog, Grasshopper, Starfish, And Squid) Evolved No ...

Exercise 1:

A) LocomotionHave the four organisms (frog, grasshopper, starfish, and squid) evolved novel mechanisms for locomotion? What is the basis for your conclusion?

B) Gas exchangeCompare and contrast the gas exchange mechanisms in the four organisms. Do you see any common themes? What variations did you encounter?

C) Vascular systems discuss the similarities and differences between an open circulatory system and a closed circulatory system. Do you see a connection between the circulatory system and the gas exchange system in each species? Why does a squid have two hearts?

D) Digestive System Consider the organization of the digestive systems in the four species. Do you see any common themes? Why does the tube in each organism have specialized regions, and what are the functions of these specialized regions? Would you predict that the basic design of the digestive system is an ancestral trait that was present in the common ancestor to all of these organisms?

Exercise 2: Set 1- Describe the three types of body plans that you reviewed in this exercise. List the Phyla observed and which body plan they possess

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1A. Frog have evolved novel mechanisms for locomotion as it has legs, 2 forelegs and two hind legs. It is an amphibian and stays both in land and water. Its hind legs are adapted for both swimming and
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