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(Solved): High In The Rocky Mountains, A Biology Research Team Has Drained A Lake To Get Rid Of All Fish. Afte ...

High in the Rocky Mountains, a biology research team has drained a lake to get rid of all fish. After the lake was refilled, they stocked it with an endangered species of Greenback trout. Of the 2000 Greenback trout put into the lake 500 were tagged for later study. An electroshock method is used on individual fish to get a study sample. However, this method is hard on the fish. The research team wants to know the smallest number of fish that must be electroshocked to be at least 50% sure of getting a sample of two or more tagged trout. Please provide the answer. For more studies similar to this one, see A National Symposium on Catch and Release Fishing, Humboldt State University

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