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(Solved): Implement The Following Circuit To Test The Characteristics Of A D Flip Flop. Note: Using A Clock In ...

Implement the following circuit to test the characteristics of a D flip flop.

  • Note:
    • Using a clock input to operate the flip-flop is rather quickly.
    • You may wish to select the slow motion of the clock OR
      to use a simple binary switch instead of a clock input device.
    • Verify the flip flop state table.
    • Q(t+1) = D, is the characteristic equation.

      04 DEV2 - CLK orola O

  • Questions:
    • Is a D flip-flop positive or negative edge triggered?________
    • What happens when the Set switch is set to zero?__________
    • What happens when the Reset switch is set to zero?_________
    • Does it matter what the D input is when either Set or Reset is zero?_________
04 DEV2 - CLK orola O

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