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(Solved): In Python Your Goal Is To Ask The User For Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives… And Fit Them In The Text Wher ...

In python Your goal is to ask the user for Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives… and fit them in the text where they appear. Each word should be unique.

e.g. ask the user for a Noun and replace the first appearance of [Noun] in the text below by the user input.

Technical requirements:

    Save the following text to a file.

    Open the file and replace all the words in between [] by user inputs using .format(). (You can manually modify the text below to fit the requirements for .format()).

    Use a try except block(s) to validate all the user input. Save the new text to a file.

The Mad LIb:

Is your [Noun] making a mess of your [Place]? Try [Silly word]! It will [Verb] your whole [Noun] and [Verb] to unbelievable levels! Watch, as we demonstrate, the [Adjective] capabilities of this [Adjective] product! Everyone should have at least [Number] of these!

To order, call the number on your screen. [Adjective] phone attendants will [Adverb] take your request. [Adjective] and [Adjective] service will be yours! Call within the next [Number] [MEASURMENT OF TIME], and you will receive a [Adjective], [Adjective], [Adjective] [Noun] as a bonus, absolutely free for an additional value of [Number] dollars, plus shipping and handling cost of [Number] dollars. Act Now!!

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please follow identation according to image happy learning and upvote please >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>python3 code<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< while True: print('welcome to madlib game') try:
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