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(Solved): Let M Be The Integer Corresponding To The First Letter Of Your Last Name. For Example, If Your Last ...

Let M be the integer corresponding to the first letter of your last name. For example, if your last name begins with "A", M=1 and if your last name begins with "Z", M=26.

Let k=1/M and consider the logistic equation dy/dt = k y (M - y).

Construct a single figure including

  1. Title "Logistic Equation Slope Field and Euler's Method solutions by FirstName LastName" with your actual first and last names, along the top
  2. Labels for the axes
  3. a slope field for -3 ? t ? 3, -M/2 ? y ? 3M/2
  4. Euler's method solutions for initial conditions   y(0)=5M/4, y(0)=M, y(0)=M/2, y(0)=0 and y(0)=-M/4, in each case for -3 ? t ? 3, h=0.1
  5. For each initial condition, a label "y(0) = (value)" but with the actual value, at an appropriate location
  6. For each solution curve, a label "y(3) ? (Euler's method value)" but with the actual value, or "y(3) = ?", at an appropriate location

My last name KARAGOZ

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Code: #include using namespace std; // Consider a differential equation // dy/dx=(x + y + xy) float func(float x, float y) { return (x + y + x * y); } /
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