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(Solved): Please Follow The Instructions And Make Sure That 324.40 Prints Out Thank You And Appreciate It. Py ...

Please follow the instructions and make sure that 324.40 Prints out Thank you and appreciate it.

Python Language

As you work through the project guides, be aware that before you submit the scripts you will need to develop the scripts and add comments to meet the requirements.

After you finish the Coding part, you will need to write a small reflective essay (one to two paragraphs) in which you will discuss the problem-solving approaches and relevance of the programming concepts used in the script.

Project 1: Rental Car


Your task for this project is to create a very simple rental car cost estimator. The project is broken into three sections:

  1. Collect customer input
  2. Calculate the costs from the customer input
  3. Display the results to the customer

Your final output should look like this:

Rental Code: D
Rental Period: 5
Starting Odometer: 1234
Ending Odometer: 2222
Miles Driven: 988
Amount Due: $324.40

Expert Answer

def calc(): rentcode=input("Enter Rental Code: ") rentperiod=input("Enter Rental Period: ") startom=int(input("Enter Starting Odometer: ")) endom=int
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