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(Solved): Process Yield Perez Inc. Manufactures Various Types Of Furniture Including Couches, Tables, And Chai ...

Process Yield

Perez Inc. manufactures various types of furniture including couches, tables, and chairs. During April, wood for 1,000 tables entered into the cutting process where wood is cut to design specifications. After the cutting process, the tables entered into assembly, laminating/ painting, and packaging processes. Quality control rejected the following tables from the cutting, assembly, laminating/painting, and packaging/shipping processes.

Manufacturing Process Number of Tables
Failing Inspection
Cutting 60
Assembly 15
Laminating/Painting 25
Packing/Shipping 5

Round the answers to one decimal place.

1. Compute the process yield for cutting.
Process Yield  %

2. Compute the process yield for assembly.
Process Yield  %

3. Compute the process yield for laminating/painting.
Process Yield  %

4. Compute the process yield for packing/shipping.
Process Yield  %

5. Compute the overall process yield for April.
Overall process Yield  %

6. Which processes require improvement?

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