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(Solved): Program Must Be Written In C (suture1.text) Is The The For Columns On The Right, Batch ID, Temperatu ...

Suture Packaging. Sutures are strands or fibers used to sew living tissue together after an in- jury or an operation. Package

Program must be written in C

(suture1.text) Is the the for columns on the right, Batch ID, Temperature, Pressure, and Dwell Time.

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Suture Packaging. Sutures are strands or fibers used to sew living tissue together after an in- jury or an operation. Packages of sutures must be sealed carefully before they are shipped to hospitals so that contaminants cannot enter the packages. The object that seals the package is referred to as a sealing die. Generally, sealing dies are heated with an electric heater. For the sealing process to be a success, the sealing die is maintained at an established temperature and must contact the package with a predetermined pressure for an established time period. The time period in which the sealing die contacts the package is called the dwell time. Assume that the acceptable range of parameters for an acceptable seal are the following: 24551 145.5 62.3 2.13 24582 153.7 63.0 2.52 26553 160.4 58.8 2.51 26613 159.5 58.9 2.02 26624 160.5 61.5 1.98 27725 170.9 62.5 2.03 Temperature: Pressure: Dwell time: 150-170°C, 60-70 psi, 2-2.5 s. A data file named suturel.txt contains information on batches of sutures that have been rejected during a one-week period. Each line in the data file contains the batch number, temperature, pressure, and dwell time for a rejected batch. The quality control engineer must analyze this information, and needs a report that computes the percent of the batch- es rejected due to temperature, the percent rejected due to pressure, and the percent re- jected due to dwell time. It is possible that a specific batch may have been rejected for more than one reason, and it should be counted in all applicable totals. Write a program to compute and print these three percentages. Write a program to read the data file suturel.txt and make sure that the information relates only to batches that should have been rejected. If any batch should not be in the data file, print an appropriate message with the batch information.

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Program must be written in C #include <stdio.h> #include #define _CRT_SECURE_NO_DEPRECATE #define FILENAME "suture1.txt" int main() { // Declare and initialize variables for problem doub
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