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(Solved): Read The Following Case. Laketown Has An Ordinance That Forbids All Types Of Billboard Advertising I ...

Read the following case.

Laketown has an ordinance that forbids all types of billboard advertising in the town. Amazing Ads, Inc. has erected a digital billboard along Route 3, a highway that runs directly through the center of Laketown. The billboard is on vacant land owned by Peruzzi Partners. The billboard is in use 24 hours per day, seven days a week and alternates between an advertisement for Hopping Hospital Group, Inc. and an advertisement by the NRA against any form of Gun Control.

Answer the following questions.

A) What legal issues are raised in the case above?

B) What are the legal arguments for Laketown? What other parties would have legal arguments to make in this case?

C) Of the parties involved who is most likely to win and why?

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Legal issues: Before outdoor advertising, approval must be taken to the advertising site's owner and the local planning jurisdiction responsible for this area. For putting up a billboard in a forbidde
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