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(Solved): Sketch What Sharp Would Have Expected To See In The Electron Microscope When He Mixed Double-strande ...

  1. Sketch what Sharp would have expected to see in the electron microscope when he mixed double-stranded EcoRI-digested DNA and hexon mRNA if there were no introns in the adenovirus DNA. Next, sketch what he would expect to see when he mixed double-stranded HindIII-digested DNA and hexon mRNA (again, assuming no introns in the adenovirus DNA). Only sketch the DNA digestion fragments involved in R-loops, i.e., RNA-DNA duplex formation. Be sure to distinguish between mRNA and DNA strands, as well as single-stranded vs. double-stranded structures. Also label which DNA digestion fragments are depicted in each diagram (i.e., EcoRI fragment B, etc.)Hexon BF DECEcoRI GCB DAHLE FK Hindill.

    Figure 2. Restriction map of adenovirus DNA showing the location of the mRNA encoding hexon protein (top). Vertical lines on the EcoRI and HindIII maps show the positions of cleavage by the indicated restriction enzyme along the viral genome. Fragments are assigned letters based on their lengths (i.e., A is longer than B, etc.)


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When the Adenovirus is cleaved with EcoRI and allowed to Hybridize with Hexon mRNA, Fragment A and Fragment B would both Hybr
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