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(Solved): True Or False 29. While The Supreme Court Did Uphold The Individual Mandate Of The ACA, It Also Rule ...

True or False

29. While the Supreme Court did uphold the individual mandate of the ACA, it also ruled, in a separate case, that states had the right to opt out of the Medicaid expansion, since the cost to extend Medicaid coverage would fall upon the states to pay.     T    F

30. A 2012 survey by NAHCH found that the majority of home health agencies were based in a hospital, rather than freestanding, independent facilities.     T     F

31. While the consumers of long-term health care represent a wide range of people, one clearly defined, the consistent group is the elderly.     T     F

32. Since assisted living facilities focus primarily on the quality of life and autonomy for consumers, they must contract with outside agencies in order to provide healthcare services for their residents.     T     F

33. Regulations generated by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration impact both the employees of nursing facilities and the physical construction of those facilities.     T     F

34. Medicare reimbursement is available for certified home health and hospice care providers, but not for adult daycare.     T     F

35. The Obama administration used its executive discretion to delay the implementation of some of the less popular portions of the Affordable Care Act, such as raising taxes to help pay for it.

T     F

36. Rather than simply maintain their current quality of life, most seniors moving into senior housing want their quality of life to improve.     T     F

37. Whether a subacute care unit is freestanding or physically housed within a larger facility, it will most likely be affiliated with, or even owned and operated by, a hospital or nursing facility.     T     F

38. One of the major advantages of congregate housing over the other types of senior housing options is that consumers have the option to move between different units within the same facility as their needs change. T     F

39. One difference between subacute care and post-acute care is that subacute care provides outpatient services, while post-acute care provides inpatient services. T     F

40. The long-term care system works best when it maintains its focus on medical treatment, rather than being distracted by nonmedical or nonclinical services. T     F

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