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(Solved): Write A Summary. In The First Sentence, State The Main Point. Afterward, Include The Most Important ...

Write a summary. In the first sentence, state the main point. Afterward, include the most important details. The summary should be about a third the length of the original.

Artists Hit the Streets

When you visit the Santa Barbara Mission this weekend, watch where you step. If you aren't careful, you might step on a masterpiece.

For over two decades, the Santa Barbara Mission has hosted its I Madonnari Italian Street Painting Festival. The festival fills the main square before the historic mission with over 150 works of art by over 300 artists-all created on the ground.

The "paintings" are actually made of chalk instead of paint, and they range from 4 by 6 feet to 12 by 12 feet. Each painting is sponsored by a business or some other benefactor, and the proceeds support the Children's Creative Project- a nonprofit arts education group. This year's festival also includes an expanded area where children can create their own amazing chalk masterpieces.

Street painting goes back five hundred years to Italy, where wandering artists would deck the streets in amazing images to celebrate festivals. At that time, the artists set out their hats for donations. Since many of the paintings depicted Mary, the name Madonnari was coined for such festivals.

The festival benefits the arts and children, but it also creates a community. Visitors gladly stroll past the vibrant images, listen to live music, and sample delicious Italian fare. They also can take self-guided tours of the mission.

"Art is all about creating beauty. What more beautiful place is there to work?" asked Alasandro Sanchez, one of the artists this year. "Come out to see what we've done before the rain washes it away."

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Main Point - Madonnari and the relevance of chalk painting festivalin the Italian society Summary - An Italianstreet chalk paintingfestival 'Madonnari'(named after a common name Mary used for
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